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spa Awards 2017

Hotel Award Procedures


It is a consumer based programme whereby your guests submit reviews about your establishment to the organisers.

The Awards are exclusive to Luxury Hotels, Lodges, Resorts, Hotel Groups and do not include any other areas of the travel industry.

Winners are announced and presented with their recognition at the annual World Luxury Hotel Awards™ Gala Ceremony. The final outcome will be based upon votes per category on a country and global basis. Participating hotel representatives will have the option to book seats in advance to attend the Gala Ceremony in order to avoid disappointment. It is not imperative for a hotel to be represented at the annual Gala Ceremony. Events are universally acknowledged & intended to not only celebrate excellent achievements but also to establish a networking platform for industry leaders.

Upon registration and once the Awards outcome has been announced the official World Luxury Hotel Awards marketing logos will be provided to each participating property. Participants should update their email signatures, websites, marketing brochures, press material and other marketing related areas with the official material in order to create maximum awareness.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards™ annual e-brochure & ultimate hotel guide are distributed on an annual basis to promote all participants on the global front. Travel agents, tour operators and hotel guests use these as a guideline to book luxury accommodation.


Luxury Hotels can self-nominate, be nominated by guests, travel agents or tour operators in order to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards™. Winners in a particular year will automatically be nominated to participate in the following year.

Once we receive nominations, evaluations are done by a selected global panel of consultants situated amongst 144 countries. Further to each official entry the World Luxury Hotel Awards arrange an ‘official’ and/or ‘mystery’ site visit. Successful nominations will be invited to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards. If you have received a notification from us to announce that you may proceed with participation please continue to read the information below..


The World Luxury Hotel Awards reward excellence within the luxury hotel industry. Raising awareness within a highly competitive industry, maintaining the highest standards and building staff moral is our main aim.


Luxury Hotels, Hotel Groups, Lodges and Resorts operating within the luxury niche market may proceed with participation.


In order to proceed with registration, a hotel should operate within a luxury niche market and service delivery should be of a high quality.


The participation fee per Hotel amounts to GBP860 (eg. ABC Hotel) which is a once off annual administration fee covering all marketing/promotional material and advantages mentioned in the Awards information. The participation fee per Hotel Group amounts to GBP990 (eg. Oberoi Hotel Group)


  • Read our Terms & Conditions
  • Complete the Online Registration Form
  • Send us 5 High Resolution Images (JPEG format) via email 
  • Settle the registration fee within 7 working days from entry date and submit the proof of settled invoice


Nominations will only be valid for 30 days after you have received an invitation to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards



  • The World Luxury Hotel Awards™ is regarded the highest accolade that a property can receive within the global luxury hotel industry.
  • The official World Luxury Hotel Awards™ marketing logos are supplied on an annual basis to nominees & winners in order to utilize.
  • Being promoted on the World Luxury Hotel Awards™ website with a dedicated hotel profile section & being featured as a participant in the annual World Luxury Hotel Awards™ ultimate hotel guide render it easier for travellers to plan business trips and leisure breaks whilst feeling assured that each of our properties stand up to quality and service.
  • Participating luxury hotels would benefit from international marketing exposure.
  • Exclusive access granted to participating hotels in order to attend the renowned World Luxury Hotel Awards™ Gala Ceremony.
  • Participating luxury hotels have the opportunity to be announced as country/global winners at the World Luxury Hotel Awards™.
  • Annually votes are cast on the global front by thousands of hotel guests & travel industry consultants who have stayed at & experienced some of the world’s finest luxury hotels participating in the Awards.
  • The World Luxury Hotel Awards™ Gala Ceremonies take place on an annual basis & attract ‘The Crème de la Crème’ of the global hotel industry & create networking opportunities.
  • Global Media partnerships include various high end travel related magazines, newspapers & television networks including CNBC, France 24, Asian Traveller, Media 24 and more.
  • An ever increasing number of hotels, lodges, resorts & private islands are nominated every year. All nominations are strictly evaluated & only luxury properties are able to proceed with participation.
  • Hotels can self-nominate if operating in a luxury niche market.
  • Hotels can be nominated to receive recognition for service excellence by guests, tour operators and independent travel consultants.
  • Voting criteria is purely based upon facilities & service excellence.
  • When the World Luxury Hotel Awards™ was launched the luxury hotel industry world-wide had absolutely no benchmark award system for hotels that have excelled.
  • The World Luxury Hotel Awards™ judging process is not dependant on a board of directors, but by the industry itself in order for the voting system to be fair.
  • Nominations can be promoted by participating hotels to create maximum awareness & attract votes by means of the official voting button that would be provided in advance.