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hotel Awards 2016

Constance Halaveli Maldives

Experience an ultimate luxury holiday in the Maldives. Set on an idyllic private island, this five star hotel is a haven for those on a wellness quest, a foodie trail or simply on the lookout for a world-class, barefoot chic outdoorsy break away from the city. Relax in the peaceful seclusion of the spacious accommodation: guests have the options of water villas, beach villas, family beach villas, double story beach villas and the presidential villa. Channel the inner gourmet by indulging in artfully crafted cuisine at the three restaurants, each specializing in Asian-inspired cuisine with a European twist. Of course, true to its tagline ‘Inspired by Passion’ Constance’s properties are romantic retreats par excellence. Honeymooners will enjoy the privacy and seclusion of the various villas.

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