First Line. Health Care Resort

Zelenogorsk, Russia

First Line. Health Care Resort is designed for a healthy environment, and visitors can change the way their body works at a qualitative level, strengthen the immune system, balance all organs and systems, and have a chance to maximize their potential with the help of the achievements of modern medicine.

This approach to personalized and preventive medicine is more relevant today than ever and has practical implementation in Russia only at the First Line resort.

As innovators in medicine, being the first to introduce the 4Ps approach in Russia, they also want to draw the attention of young, healthy and active people and maximize the potential of their bodies through modern medical achievements, such as regular early diagnosis and revitalization programs.

The First Line Approach is a balance of 6 components of a health strategy: nutrition, physical activity, environment, mental well-being, research and therapy (including hydrotherapy, nutritional intake, and innovative rehabilitation procedures).

The First Line. Health Care Resort provides tools to prolong youth. A team of 240 specialists individually works with the health of each guest, involving them in self-care.

Features & Facilities

  • Wellness Program
  • Wellness Retreat
  • Spa
  • Medical Service
  • Medical Support Services

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