InterContinental Paris Le Grand

Paris, France

Since their inauguration by Empress Eugénie in 1862, Le Grand Hôtel and its Café de la Paix have contributed to the reputation of the City of Light in France and abroad.

Over the years, it has welcomed prestigious guests, renowned artists, and influential politicians from all over the world.
Converted into a military hospital during World War I, the hotel regained its splendor during the Roaring Twenties.
Today, it perpetuates its heritage by offering unique and memorable experiences to its guests while preserving its architecture and charm. A living testimony to the history of the capital, Le Grand Hôtel remains a cultural and historical jewel in the heart of Paris, and a timeless landmark in the world of exceptional establishments.
Century after century, Le Grand Hôtel and Café de la Paix have transcended time, reinventing themselves to brilliantly embody Parisian chic in the style of 2024, while retaining their essence. Unique.

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