Kensington Resort Seorak Valley

Toseong-myeon, South Korea

Kensington Resort Seorak Valley, located in Sokcho, Gangwon-do, is a luxury resort designed with the motif of nature in Switzerland, where you can enjoy a private rest in the nature of the forest and the sea.

It consists of detached and row rooms, and all rooms are equipped with grills to enjoy outdoor BBQ.

Above all, there are kids' rooms for children and pet rooms for customers with dogs, and there is also a large pet park for dogs to run around.

For healing in nature, there are lakes and trails in the resort.

There are a Deer Farm (Deer Valley) and Sheep Farm where you can interact with animals, so enjoy a real rest here at Kensington Resort Seorak Valley.

Features & Facilities

  • Forest Trail
  • Pet Friendly
  • Restaurant
  • Nature Park

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