M1 Club Hotel

Odesa, Ukraine

M1 Club Hotel: Oasis of Luxury on the Black Sea Coast

M1 Club Hotel is the premier luxury hotel on the Black Sea coast, providing exquisite accommodations for the most discerning travellers. With 68 uniquely designed rooms, each exuding elegance and comfort, guests are assured an unforgettable stay.

Historical Heritage and Inspiration

More than 100 years ago, technical progress led to the creation of aviation bases for the navy – hangars, slips for launching seaplanes into the water, and, of course, the seaplanes themselves were built. The basis for the first Eastern European seaplane was the French "Donnay-Leveque" design. In 1913, Ukrainian aircraft designer Grigorovich D.P. improved the model and created the M-1 seaplane, which successfully flew in 1914. M1 Club Hotel pays homage to this epochal event, reflecting the spirit of that era in its design and atmosphere.

F. Scott Fitzgerald aptly described the free spirit and true romanticism of that time in one short phrase: "We didn't want to just exist; we wanted to forever change". Exactly one hundred years later, M1 Club Hotel embodies the spirit of the blossoming of technical progress, a time when people became romantics, bringing their dreams to life, when the beauty of things was dictated by functionality, and they were created to last forever, making everyday life simpler each day.

Architecture and Design

M1 Club Hotel was developed by JK Lab Architects, known for their innovative solutions and attention to detail. The hotel's design is inspired by the industrial style of the 1920s, using wood and metal to create an atmosphere reminiscent of hangars and slips for seaplanes. A central design element is the Aviator chair from the Restoration Hardware brand, symbolising the starting point of the hotel's concept.

One of the key design features is the lobby on the second floor of the hotel. Upon entering, guests see only the sea, not the beach, creating the illusion that the hotel "floats" like a seaplane.

The hoteliers of M1 Club Hotel, the architectural bureau JKLab, and MNCL Concept Studio based the brand development on the principle of "alternative luxury." This includes:

Thoughtful interior
Natural materials
Designer avant-garde furniture from the iconic brand Restoration Hardware
Stylish wallpapers from the world-renowned British company Andrew Martin
Custom decoration
M1 Club Hotel and all its subdivisions have alphanumeric names, based on the principle of naming slips (M1, P1, S1, G1, R1, etc.).

Unique Features

The key message of M1 Club Hotel is creating a "journey within a journey," which can only be experienced here. The principle of "alternative luxury" is defined by a high category of services, meticulous details, a comfortable contrast of modernity and tradition, simple complexity of the author's project, and a unique location.

Our guests have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in an atmosphere of tranquility and natural beauty, awakening a sense of freedom and inner harmony. The historical significance of M1 Club Hotel preserves the memory of the development of naval aviation, particularly the first M-1 seaplane, embodying the spirit of early 20th-century technical progress.

Premium Service

The hotel is designed with the concept of hospitality design, ensuring the highest level of comfort and meeting guests' needs. Our service aims to create a unique experience for each guest through an individualized approach and consideration of their unique needs and desires. Each guest "plays the game" of discovering the hotel's space, uncovering a new palette of impressions and emotions.

Services and Infrastructure

M1 Club Hotel offers 68 unique design rooms, each combining comfort and style. Among the hotel's amenities:

L1 – Lobby Bar: The perfect place for relaxation and socializing.
P1 - Prosecco Bar: Gourmet dishes and an atmosphere created for connoisseurs.
R1 - Restaurant R1: A place to enjoy culinary masterpieces and breakfasts with a sea view. The hotel provides its guests the luxury of a morning breakfast with oysters and prosecco.
A1 – Pool and Aqua Bar: A place for relaxation and enjoying sunny days.
G1 – Gym
T1 - Beauty&Wellness Salon by Timespell: Care and relaxation services, Finnish sauna, and a wellness tub.
C1 - Conference Room and VIP Room: Modern space for business events and meetings.

M1 Club Hotel is not just a hotel; it is a place where luxury, comfort, and history converge to create an unparalleled experience for every guest.

Features & Facilities

  • Gym
  • SPA
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Meetings & Events
  • Events Venue
  • Wedding Facilities & Services
  • Business Centre
  • Wi-Fi
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Panoramic Ocean Views
  • Restaurant
  • Lobby Bar
  • Beauty Salon
  • Conference Centre
  • Beach Cinema

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