Oyado The Earth

Mie, Japan

Nature can change in an instant.

The moon and the sea are not always friendly. In this wild nature, though, in this untamed Earth, you can find your true self.

Here at the Earth, guests can find themselves and also be reminded that the Earth sustains us. Helping guests to feel these powerful and gentle forces of nature — this is true entertainment.

Oyado The Earth rests in a primeval forest, and sits along cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The hotel personifies the contours of the Earth and awakens your senses to the wonders of nature.

This is not just a hotel stay - this is a moment in time.

Features & Facilities

  • Wedding Facilities & Services
  • Meetings & Events
  • Restaurants
  • Spa
  • Hot Springs
  • Bar
  • Library
  • Private Deck
  • Shopping Experience
  • Suites

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