Tai O Heritage Hotel

Hong Kong, China

Tai O Heritage Hotel, located in Tai O, the last traditional fishing village in Hong Kong.

The Hotel converted from the Old Tai O Police Station that was completed in 1902 and designated as a Grade II historic building, seeks to preserve the historical significance of the architectural gem.

Operated as a not-for-profit social enterprise with surpluses used to support site maintenance, the hotel has been working closely with the community to promote eco-tourism since opening in March 2012. It has welcomed more than 1.7 million visitors from Hong Kong and overseas, and have participated in more than 100 community services.

Tai O Heritage Hotel seeks to build close bonds with the village and promote eco-tourism and won the Award of Merit at UNESCO 2013 Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Award in recognition of its commitment and engagement with the community, becoming the first UNESCO-awarded hotel in Hong Kong.

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  • Wedding Facilities & Services
  • Restaurant

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