the g Hotel & SPA

Galway, Ireland

Fabulous is your natural habitat. Swaddled in five-star luxury.

Surrounded by exhilarating design. Steps away from a spirited city, where something wonderful waits around every corner. Everything you see has been chosen to make you smile. Everyone you meet is waiting to make your day. Whatever you were doing yesterday, today you’re a VIP. Because today, you’re at The g. For us, five stars has never been about formality. We know the greatest luxury is getting to be yourself. In all your glory. Experience 'never ordinary' dining from the various incredible options available! Geo - a AA Rosette award winning restaurant.

Geo means earth. It can also mean the world. Our inspiration comes from around the globe, but our ingredients come from just around the corner. Ireland has an embarrassment of culinary riches, with some of the world’s best seafood and produce pulled from our local farms and coastlines, just minutes and miles away from where you sit right now, and when you sit down at our table, that’s what you’ll get. In a more cheffy mood, we might use words like “provenance” and “terroir” to talk about our menu. But what we really mean is food that captures the energy and excitement of being right here, right now, in this exact place. Savoring the moment, the experience, the taste, and the company.

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